Using the local portal

The local portal runs on the boxes and is a great way to troubleshoot problems.

To access the local portal, connect to the Access Point via one of it's SSIDs.
Then enter the interface IP of that SSID, which you can retrieve from your SSID list in CT, or by finding your IP on your device and getting the gateway IP from that.
If you aren't already logged in, it will prompt you for a username and password.
What's the username?
The username for the local portal is polkaspots.
What's the password?
The serial number of the box. This can be found in your CT dashboard.
The password doesn't work
If the password is rejected, the box has not synced with CT yet. In which case, the password is stinky.
Once you have logged in, you will find yourself on the Health Check which can be run to check for any issues with your box and present them to you clearly.
As well as this, there are several options on the sidebar to select from.
  • Health Check - Run the health check script for quick and easy diagnosis of issues
  • Static IP - Set your box to use a static IP
  • Troubleshoot - Run a troubleshooting script with a more detailed output
  • Ping - Run a ping command from your box
  • Traceroute - Run a traceroute command from your box
  • NSLookup - Run an NSLookup command from your box
  • System Info - Run a check on the processes on the box
  • Locator - Flash the lights on the box so you can locate it on your location (Coming soon)
  • PPPoE - Configure any PPPoE settings your box might have