Creating a Guest Registration Form

If you want to capture specific customer data, it's simple with CT. The registration forms allow you to capture any information you require (keep it legal folks).

It's simple, here's how it works:

> The first time your customers try and get online, they'll see your registration form on the login page.
> After filling in the details, they will be logged in.
> The next time they arrive, they won't have to register again.
Note: If you have selected "Require Registration", they will need to enter a username and password when signing up. If you don't select this, when they arrive again, they will just see a clickthrough login.

If you just want to capture an email, please use a clickthrough login page with email capture enabled.

To create a registration form, follow these simple steps:

Head into your location in the dashboard and click on Splash on the left sidebar.
Click the action button next to the splash you want to create a form for, and select Edit.
Change the Access Type to Registration and save.
Click the action button at the top right and select Forms.
Configure the fields you want to add using the card on the left.
Rearrange your fields by dragging and dropping them in the card on the right.

Field Name: this defines what it's called when you view your data. Make it descriptive, like 'gender' or 'country'.
Field Label: the label for the field and will appear on the logins. You can type 'hidden' here and it won't appear.
Field Type: the type of field, usually this will be text box.
Required: if you select this, your customers will have to enter something before they can login.
Hidden: Maybe you want to send a hidden variable with the request, for example an ID for your hotspot.
If you click the advanced button, there's even more stuff.
Unique ID: if you're on a paid account, you can sync your form with your MailChimp forms too. Enter your MailChimp merge name in here. For example, MMERGE4.
Value: you might want a default value for the field, particularly if you're using a hidden field.

Syncing with MailChimp and Campaign Monitor

To sync your emails with MailChimp, all you need to do is enable the newsletter in your splash page. Emails will automatically be sent to your service.
If you want to sync you custom fields with MailChimp, you need to be on a paid plan. If you're on a paid plan, please make sure the 'Merge Fieds' option is enabled. This only works with MailChimp at the moment.
That's a Wrap
You should be good to go, let us know if you need assistance with this!


What if they turn up with a new device.

If you've selected "Require Registration", they will be able to sign-in with their chosen username and password.
If not, they will have to register again. There's no way for us to tell who they are.

I can't change the username

That's correct, the username field cannot be removed. The username is always the email of the customer.

I can only see 25 guests

On the free plan, the number of guests you can view is limited to 25.

I don't see my custom fields in MailChimp

This option is only available for paid plan. If you're on a paid plan, first check you have enabled "Merge Registration Fields" in your portal.
If you're sure you've done this, check your field IDs match. Your fields ID are set in MailChimp. Your merge ID must match your Unique ID:

I deleted a field, my data looks wrong.

We recommend you don't delete fields if you already have data. If you want to change some fields, it's best to create a new splash page.

Can I export the data

This is coming soon. But you'll be able to simply visit your reports page and hit the download button. You'll be able to download the data as a CSV. Please note, this will be a paid feature.

Can I reset a user's registration?

Of course! Just follow  this guide here to reset a user's guest details.

Emails are not showing in my Email Audit?

As you are using Guest Registration, all captured information is displayed in Guest Audits.