Understanding the Dashboard

Your new dashboard will provide you with an overview of all your networks, devices and locations. 

This hamburger icon will show/hide the left sidebar. The sidebar varies depending on which section of your dashboard you are in.
This grid icon provides links to the following:
  • Home - The main dashboard page, with an overview of your entire dashboard
  • Locations - A list of all your locations
  • Reports - Your reports page, containing graphs and stats
  • Audit - Lists of data captured, including session stats and guest emails.
  • Events - Lists events within your dashboard such as when emails are captured or devices go offline.

This icon opens up the support tool.
This profile icon provides links to the following:
  • Account - Your account pages, where you can make changes to your billing etc
  • Manage Users - List of users where you can manage their permissions
  • Documentation - Link to our documentation and guides
  • Discussions - Link to our discussion forums
  • Downloads - Provides downloads of our firmware for supported devices
  • Developer - Here you can create Apps to work with CT
  • Logout - Logout of your dashboard

Throughout the dashboard you will see the following icon:

This is the Action Button.
Clicking it will reveal a list of ways to interact with this option, such as editing or deleting.