Creating Voucher Batches

With CT, you can generate batches of vouchers to distribute to your guests. All with their own unique browsing limits applied.

To create a batch of vouchers, follow these steps:

Head into your location in the dashboard and select Vouchers on the left
Click on the blue cross at the top right of the page.
Give your voucher batch a name and description.
Configure the specifics of what access this batch allows by filling in all of the fields (you can expand advanced settings for further customisation).
Once you are happy with your settings click on create to generate a batch of vouchers using these settings.

Please note:

Once you've allocated a batch of vouchers to a splash page, it will belong specifically to one splash page.

If you create a new splash page at the same location, you'll need to create a new batch of vouchers for this new location.

Similarly, if you delete a splash page, you will also delete all vouchers allocated to it.