Capturing Email Addresses

If you want to capture customer emails, all you need to do is enable the appropriate service in your splash page settings.

Activating email capture will add a checkbox and email field to your splash pages.

You have multiple options to capture email addresses:

  • MailChimp
  • Campaign Monitor
  • SendGrid
  • Internal Only

For all integrations, you will also find a copy of the email in your reports.

How do I do it?

To capture emails follow these steps:

Head into your location in the dashboard and click on Splash on the left sidebar.
Click the action button to the right of the splash page you want to make changes to, and select Edit.
Scroll down to the Email Capture card and set the newsletter capture type to the type you want to use.
You can then tweak it further with the switches to the right that do the following:
  • Allow Opt-out: This toggles whether providing an email is required to get internet access
  • Users should opt-out: This toggles whether the user defaults to agree or disagree
  • Merge registration fields: Toggles whether you want to merge your registration fields with your email capture
  • MailChimp single opt-in: Toggles whether you want emails to be captured with or without the end users confirming a received email.