The Status Icon is Red

Your status for each box should be green and happy. Remember a green box is a happy box.

If the icon is red, we cannot communicate with the box. This can happen for a number of reasons.

The status light is red but the last seen is < 1 minute.

This is probably firewall related. You can see which outbound ports are  required here

This means the backup connection is functioning but the primary is blocked. The box has connectivity because it's able to talk to our servers.

If you're a techie, try the following tests:


You can also try and telnet to our servers.

telnet 8443

If either of those fail, please check your firewall. 

If they pass, please reset the box from your dashboard.

Content Filtering

If you cannot get your box to connect, it's possible your ISP / router is blocking the connection. 

Do you have Web Safe or Parental Controls enabled on your Virgin router? 

Do you have a BT router? Please check your content filtering settings too.

The status light is red and there's no heartbeat.

This is more than probably your connection. Please check that all cables are connected properly and your Internet connection is stable.

Still Not Working?

Reset the box from your CT dashboard. The reset button is on the settings page.

Still Still Not Working?

Hard reset the box by holding the reset button down.