Creating a Wireless Bridge

If you want to extend the range of your existing wireless networks, you can set your CT boxes up as repeaters. You can either repeat the signal from a CT box or you can use our equipment to extend the range of your existing, non-CT networks.

This explains how you set up two CT boxes to repeat the signal. If you want to repeat the signal from a non-CT box, there are instructions at the bottom.

The primary AP in this tutorial is the access point from which you are transmitting the signal from. The secondary ap will connect to the primary ap wirelessly.

If you have 5Ghz devices, you should create the bridge link using the 5ghz radio only.

You're going to:

  • Create two zones in your dashboard. The first zone will contain the primary ap and the second will contain the secondary ap
  • Create a pair of matching SSIDs (name and password the same, no captive portal) - going to be used to create the wireless bridge
  • Create a third SSID that you want people to connect to
Create Your Zones.
- Create two zones, primary and secondary. You can call them this.

- Add your primary (wired) AP into the primary zone. These will be your wired devices.

- Then, add your secondary (wireless) APs into the second zone. These will be your repeaters.

Create Your Primary SSID.
Create a new SSID and enable on your primary zone. Make sure this SSID has a password set. Call this 'Bridge SSID' for this tutorial (you can rename later).
Create Your Secondary SSID.
Create a new SSID and enable on the secondary zone. Make sure you call this 'Bridge SSID' and enter the WPA password you previously set. This will ensure it connects to the first SSID.

Enable repeater mode on the secondary SSID only.

We also recommend setting the network metric to 10 on this SSID otherwise your traffic will be load balanced.

Create Your Final SSID.
Now create a new SSID that you want people to connect to. You could enable the captive portal on this if you want.

You should end up with a setup similar to this:

Make sure that both of your APs are plugged in otherwise they won't get the changes. Resync them to apply your new configuration to them.

Once this is done, you can disconnect your second AP from the internet and move it to the desired location.

It should establish a link with your first SSID and allow you to connect through it.

Repeating the signal from a non-CT box

To do this, you don't actually need to create the zones, although you can if you desire.

Create your Failover Network

Assuming your non-CT network is called "My Network", create an network in your CT dashboard called "My Network". Make sure the passwords match.

Enable repeater mode.

Create your Private Network

This is the network your guests / users will connect to.

Create a network called "My Fantastic Network". That's all done.