Creating a Wired Connection

To create a wired connection, you can use our Bridge with Switch feature, which allows you to assign one of your created networks to the ethernet ports on the back of your box.

Examples of using a wired connection:

For coffee shops, you can use this feature so you can connect up your tills with a cable to the Access Point, giving you a more stable connection, as well as improving security.

For a public library, you can set a public network with splash pages enabled to the ethernet ports, and connect PCs to it via cable.

You can also use it for adding peripherals such as printers to your network, without having to allow the network access to everything else.

Creating a Wired Network Connection

To create a wired network connection, follow these steps:

Head into your location in the dashboard and click on Networks on the left sidebar.
Click the action button to the right of the network you want to use, and select Edit.
Scroll down to Advanced Settings and toggle Bridge With Switch. Once you have saved your changes, any device that connects to your ethernet ports will connect using the same settings as this network.