Running Payloads

Payloads are commands that can be sent on mass to multiple Access Points.

To find the payloads, follow these steps:

Head into your location in the dashboard, and select Devices from the left sidebar.
Choose the device(s) you want to run a payload on and click the action button, selecting View.

Then, click on the action button in the top right corner and select payloads from the dropdown options.

You’ll then find yourself on a page that resembles a chat screen.

You can type almost any command into the text field at the bottom, and send it to your device. And once that command has been run, it will respond with the output.

In the image above, you can see a few examples of commands you can send. Other commands used to view config files and run tasks etc can be used, but there are limitations with commands that output a constant stream (e.g ping).