Access Restrictions

This page will shows you how to restrict guests access on your splash pages.

Once someone has reached the limits set they won't be able to log back in until they renew - either the next day or the next month.

To set up restrictions, follow these steps:

Head into your location in the dashboard and select Splash on the left sidebar.
Click the action button to the right of the splash you want to make changes to, and select Edit.
Scroll down to Access Restrictions and select the restriction type you want, and configure the settings you want.

Set your download/upload restrictions, and configure the following restriction types:

  • Periodic - Restrict splash access to specific times of day. Set the start time, end time, and what days you want to allow access.
  • Data Downloaded - Restrict access to the amount of data a client can download. Set the data limit, the refresh period, and add an over-usage message.
  • Timed Access - Restrict access to the amount of time a client can use the network. Set the time limit, the refresh period, and add an over-usage message.

What happens once someone's time has run out?

Restricting guest access does not affect your own private network. But once a guest has used their time up they will not be able to use the internet again until the time renews.