Trouble Sending Jobs to Devices

When you update your boxes, CT will automatically send a payload to update the settings.

This payload usually takes less than 10 seconds however, it may take longer for the box to process it. For example, if you change an SSID, it will restart the WiFi interface and you *may* need to disconnect and reconnect.

We will add the fields / action that automatically sync the boxes soon. For the time being, avoid resyncing after you have updated any networking settings as this can cause strange things to happen. It's also unnecessary.

When should I resync my boxes?

You only need to resync your access points if you want to refresh all the settings. We don't advise making this common practise. 

A resync will reset all your configs, including restarting any network interfaces. If you simply change the SSID - we only sync the wireless configs. This is much faster and more efficient.

Why is my box processing?

Occasionally, you send a job to a box and it gets stuck processing. This usually happens if the box is having issues communicating with CT. The job cannot send.

CT has mechanisms to ensure the job gets to the box, regardless of whether it gets there first time. There's an article here about  firewall rules.

What about payloads?

You can send payloads to your boxes - payloads will send a command to a box, process it and send you the output. They're quite nifty. However, you cannot send a payload if the box is offline and or processing.

What if my box is offline?

You change some settings and your box is offline. Not a problem. The next time your box checks in, it will get the most recent configuration files!

Why can't I resync / run jobs on my devices?

Fields are greyed out or missing from the dashboard? If you can't run jobs on your devices, this means the device has either gone offline (not connected to CT for a while). Or, it's having connection problems.

If this happens, check your settings and restart the device manually. If it doesn't come back online still, you can reset the device. It the device is not online in the dashboard, please perform a hard reset by holding the reset button down.

If the above do not work, we would recommend checking your firewall settings. And make sure you do not have anything that might be blocking outbound connections.