Debugging your splash pages

If you're having issues with your splash pages, you can now enable the super debug mode. This will list any errors on the page so you can see what's happening.

To enable the debug console on your splash pages follow these steps:

  • From your location click on Splash on the left sidebar
  • Click edit on the splash page you are having issues with
  • Scroll down to advanced settings and enable debug mode
  • Save your changes

Reload your splash page. You should see a banner at the top, as seen below:

Then try logging into your splash page, if there is a problem it should generate some new errors into the banner.

If you do not see the banner, you can do the following:

  1. Change the branding/start of the URL in your browser to and refresh the page. e.g

  2. If the above doesn't work, you can also add  debug=true to the url. For example: <

Print the page to display only the errors. Ta da. You can post your results to CT HQ, the winner receives a prize.