Minimum Recommended Connection Speeds

We're often asked what the minimum recommended Internet connection speeds are for the devices to function properly.

The management traffic is sent via an encrypted tunnel and, depending on the number of users on your devices, the amount of data sent to CT is around 4kb every 45 - 75 seconds. That's not a lot of data.

When you're sending commands / new configuration files to the devices, you'll be receiving about the same volume. 

If you have a very slow or poor quality broadband connection, jobs may not get to the devices in a timely manner, if at all.

For essential jobs, including configuration changes, if a job isn't sent / received for any reason, it should pick it up the next time it checks in.

For non-essential jobs, like speed tests, if the job fails, it won't be sent again. That's by design. Currently, upgrades that fail won't try again immediately - instead they'll be scheduled for a later time.

We generally recommend a minimum connection speed of 1Mbps. Below this speed, you may see the occasional job failing and firmware upgrades may also fail to download (because of the speed / quality of the line).