Using Cloudflare to Protect Your Domain

Set up Cloudflare’s free SSL  free Universal SSL service. This allows them to very cleverly serve a certificate for a load of domains sharing a single IP. This means you can benefit too. It does mean, [repeat] that you must use only the root domain on their free service.

Go create a new  Cloudflare account, it won't take long.

Once the scan is complete, you'll need to make sure all your domains are present as we're going to move our DNS over to Cloudflare. If you're not sure what you're doing, drop them a line.

Create your root domain

Add your domain in as so:

And point this at

You should see a notice about using  dns flattening. This is OK.

Next, head over to the Crypto section and enable Full SSL.

Once you have done this, please create a page rule to redirect ALL traffic to the SSL endpoint:

Once you have done this, test with curl if possible. Not a browser.

If you are getting the too many redirects error, please ensure you're using full SSL and have created the page rule.

Using a non-root domain

Currently unsupported. You may use this but we are unable to troubleshoot with you.

Previously with CloudFlare, you could only reliably use the flexible SSL option with your root domain. However, we have recently tested and a subdomain seems to be working.

In order to use a subdomain, add a new DNS record as so. The following will allow you to visit