Setting Splash Timeouts

You can now set a timeout for your splash pages when using timed access. 

This allows you to control the amount of time before the splash is seen again. For example, you set up two splash pages - clickthrough and vouchers. You want the clickthrough to appear for 2 hours per day. After which they need to use a voucher code. 

Set the timeout on the clickthrough splash to 90 days and, after their two hours has been used, they will only see the voucher page. They will not see the clickthrough again until after the 90 day timeout.

Please note:
After a user has been timedout they will need to wait out the entire time. 

Changing the timeout after this will only apply to new timeouts, and not affect existing timedout users.

The only way around this is to delete and recreate your splash page.

To set a splash timeout, follow these steps:

Head into your location in the dashboard and select Splash from the sidebar on the left.
Click on the splash page you want to set a splash timeout on.
Scroll down to the Access Restrictions section. Here you can configure the different restriction types to fit what you want. 
Once you are happy with your settings, save your changes.