Creating a Wireless Backup Link

Why would you do this? Imagine you have two broadband lines installed and you want to fail over to the second one automatically if the primary fails.

This guide assumes you're using your own routers and have non-CT SSIDs that you're going to failover on to.

You can achieve this with a device like the Ubiquiti Unifi! It's very simple.

What you're going to do:

- Create a repeater SSID.

- Create a private SSID for your users.

Connect Your AP

Connect your CT AP to your primary internet connection. Make sure it comes online in your dashboard.

Create a Bridge Network.

Assume your secondary / failover SSID / broadband link is called "My Second Link" and has a WPA password. Create a network in your CT dashboard and make sure the SSID is called "My Second Link". Make sure the WPA password is set to your network password.

Enable repeater mode on the network.

Change the network metric to 200. This is super important.

Create Your Private SSID

Create a new network - call this anything you want. 

Your customers will connect to this.

Pro Tip!

If you want to enable the wireless link as the primary, set the network metric to 0 and change the wan metric to 100.

If you want to failover to other ssids, you can just add them as above.