Alpha/Beta Features

What are Beta/Alpha features

Beta is the point at which we are ready to release a feature for any customer to use. There is no SLA or support obligations for a Beta release. Products will be complete from a feature perspective, but may have outstanding issues. Beta releases may be suitable for limited production use cases.
Alpha features are a limited test for release before they are rolled out to the general public. These should not be used in production use cases.
Any features marked beta or alpha within the CT dashboard or docs are subject to our depreciation policy set out in the terms. Features may be removed without notice.
There is no timescale regarding the migration of a Beta feature to a Production ready feature.

Current Beta Features

The following list is accurate as of April 2017. Features may have been removed/added since.

  • Registration access type
  • Splash roaming
  • Guest & email downloads
  • Policy groups
  • Triggers
  • SagePay integration
  • Stripe integration
  • User permissions and invitations
  • Multiple Captive Portal enabled SSIDs on the same device