Understanding Brand User Permissions

Brand Users allow you to invite users to manage your brand, location and more. A Brand User with full permissions has access to create locations, modify them and more.

Brand Users don't appear in the list of Location Users - instead they automatically get access to the locations within your brand. (This feature is coming shortly).

You can only upgrade the permissions of an exiting user. If the user does not exist, the request will fail.

Brand User management and User creation is only available on the Enterprise plans.

There are two main types of user:

- Brand Ambassador - Full Brand Access

- Brand Member - Read Only - still to be implemented.

Upgrading a User's Permissions

The user has already got an account

Locate the user within your dashboard - or use the API to obtain their ID.

Using the API, create a Brand User with the relevant Role ID and User ID.

The user doesn't exist yet

Firstly, create a user via the API. The do exactly what you did above. Create a Brand User with the right permissions.

Revoking a User

You have two ways to do this:

1. Delete the user completely - if you are a Super admin on the Enterprise plan.

2. Delete the Brand User - this removes their permissions completely

Use Cases

You're all set up and have a few dozen locations under your belt. One day you realise you need some help. Your new friend Sandy has joined and needs access to your locations.

All you need to do is get Sandy to sign-up for an account via your brand. Then, when you can see her in your list of brand users (the is a menu link to manage users), you simply upgrade her to a Brand Ambassador.