Understanding Invites

You can invite users to help you manage your sites. If you have loads of sites, we would recommend using a project to group them together. Read more about projects here.

You can choose from the following types of user invitation.

  • Admin - full read write access over all the locations within the project.
  • Editor - can update the splash pages only
  • Supporter - can update all the network and device settings, but not the splash pages
  • Observer - read only - can see it all but can't save 

Users are managed from your location directly. You can see a list of all your users in the manage users section.

Usage Case

You want to invite a user to manage your networks for you. Simply invite them as a Supporter and they will be able to change, update and modify all your network and device settings.

If you wanted to offer a customer access to modify their splash pages. Simply invite them to as an Editor. They won't be able to change any networking or device settings. And they can't create splash pages either. They can just change the ones you've already set-up.