Setting up Brand Level Triggers

Your Brand settings now give you the ability to set up triggers on your brand level.

How To Create/Edit

To create and manage your brand triggers, follow these steps:


Click on the grid icon at the top right of your dashboard, and select Brands.


Click the action button next to the brand you want to edit, and select Settings.


Click on Triggers on the left sidebar.


To Create a new trigger, click the blue cross icon in the top right.


To Edit an existing trigger, click the action button to the right of it, and select Edit.

Once you are into the nitty gritty of the trigger settings, you can customise and tweak them to your needs.

Advanced Trigger Settings

The advanced trigger settings allow you to do some really interesting things, such as applying delays to your triggers, or only applying them when they match a box's tag or expression.

Trigger Templates

You can also turn your brand level triggers into templates.

Instead of trigger templates firing on the brand level, they are instead added on the location level for all new locations created under this brand.

You can find a switch to enable this in the trigger settings, see the previous screenshot.

Use Cases

There are essentially endless options with our triggers system. Below are examples of things we have done, and you could possibly do;

Customer Retention/Welcome Message

You can set your trigger to send an email when a guest is created. You can set a Defer Minutes of 720 to delay the sending of the message until the time you want.

This can be used, for example, to send your guests an invitation back to the location, possibly containing a voucher or other sales information, to help increase return customers. 

By not sending the email instantly, you're not bothering them while they're at the location, and can be reminded at a later date.

Splash Password Changed

This trigger event is set to when a splash password is updated. Once this event occurs, the trigger can be configured to email a user of your choice. 

This could go to the reception staff at your location, that way they are notified as soon as there has been a change to the password, so they can inform guests when they have issued.

New Access Point Added

This trigger event is set to when a new access point is added to a location. Once this trigger occurs, it can be told to send out a Slack message to relevant Slack channels (such as your billing, to inform them of the billing increase.

This can be extremely useful if you have multiple admins with permission to add access points to your dashboard. This way there are no surprises when it comes to bill time.