Installing CT on Comfast

 This guide covers installing CT on the following Comfast APs:

  • e316n-v2
  • e320n-v2
  • e380ac-v1
  • e380ac-v2
  • e520n
  • e530n


Head into our firmware repository to retrieve a link to the firmware you need.
Comfast firmware is denoted by the "cf". Once you find that, look for the model number of your device.
E.g b_170515_00-cf-e316n-v2-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin
Then right click and copy the link address.


Connect an Ethernet cable between the LAN port on the router and the network port on your computer


Configure the PC with a static IP, e.g.


Press and hold the reset button on the router while you power it on, re-connect the power without releasing the reset button


In your computer's terminal run the following command, making sure to replace the URL with the one you copied previously:


Once that command has run successfully, run the following command, making sure to replace file name and IP with your details:

curl -F [email protected]_170515_00-cf-(INSERT_CORRECT_MODEL).bin