Using Projects

Projects allow you to organise and group your locations together. You will also be able to invite admins to manage all locations within a project.

Creating a Project

To get started first, from any page in the dashboard, click on the grid icon at the top of the page, and select Projects.

Next, if you haven't already created a project, click on the Create button. If you already have a project, click on the blue plus icon to create another.

Give your new project a name and then click Add.

You will be taken to your new project, and can give it a description.

Adding a Location to a Project

To add a location to a project, simply head into your location's settings, and scroll down to the Details card.

Simply select which Project you want this location to be a part of by selecting it from the drop down list.

Inviting Admins to a Project

This section is coming soon.