Installing CT on EnGenius

To set up an EnGenius box, here's what you'll need:

  • A computer with ethernet ports
  • An Engenius access point and power supply
  • 1 x Ethernet cable
  • A download of the CT firmware for the Engenius ESR900. The image extension needs to be renamed from x_xxxxxx_xx_engenius_esr900.bin to x_xxxxxx_xx_engenius_esr900.dlf in order to work.

Plug in your power supply and connect it to your EnGenius. This will turn the box on.

Next, connect one end of the Ethernet cable to the  LAN port of your EnGenius, and the other end of it to a LAN port on your modem.

Open up your web browser and navigate to to open the Local Portal of the EnGenius box.

If it's a new box, click on  Network Setting to go into the settings of your box. If not, then skip to the next step.

Once you have access to the local portal, click on the  cog symbol at the top right of the page, which will open the settings.

Next, on the left sidebar click on  Tools to expand it, and then click on Firmware, which will open the Firmware page.

Click on  Choose File and select the Stinky Panda firmware you downloaded in preparation from CT, and click Apply.

Your access point will now validate the firmware and install it.

During this installation time, a countdown will be displayed, but it will not accurately tell how much time is left, as half way through the stock firmware will be replaced with ours.

Because of this, the countdown will not actually end, and you will not get any Engenius notification that the firmware was a success.

Please wait 5 or so minutes, and you will know that the firmware install has been successful when you can see  Private Wi-Fi being broadcasted. (You do not need to connect to this SSID).