Installing CT on OpenMesh

You will need:

  • A computer with ethernet ports
  • An OpenMesh device
  • 1 x Ethernet cables
  • Access to the terminal on your PC
  • Adownload of the CT firmware
  • A download of the ap51-flash flashing utility
Please Note: OpenMesh have started locking down their newest batches of MR1750s. This new revision cannot be flashed:

Let's get flashing...

1 - Download and build the ap51-flash flashing utility by running the following commands:


git clone
cd ap51-flash

If you're using OSX, use this link instead:

making sure to run this command while in the directory of that file

chmod +x ap51-flash-osx

2 - Download the  firmware into the ap51-flash directory

3 - Connect your Access Point onto the same physical network as your computer/laptop, using the PoE port closest to the power socket on the AP.

4 - Use the ap51-flash utility built in step 1 above and run the following

If you are using osx then use ./ap51-flash-osx instead

./ap51-flash eth0 FIRMWARE_LOCATION.bin

Then plug in your OpenMesh box and power it up.

You should then see something similar to this in the console:

[ac:86:74:13:65:c8]: type 'OM2P router' detected
[ac:86:74:13:65:c8]: OM2P router: tftp client asks for 'fwupgrade.cfg', serving fwupgrade.cfg portion of: /home/ps-support/Downloads/openwrt-15.05-ar71xx-generic-om2p-squashfs-factory.bin (1 blocks) ... 
[ac:86:74:13:65:c8]: OM2P router: tftp client asks for 'kernel', serving kernel portion of: /home/ps-support/Downloads/openwrt-15.05-ar71xx-generic-om2p-squashfs-factory.bin (2146 blocks) ... 
[ac:86:74:13:65:c8]: OM2P router: tftp client asks for 'rootfs', serving rootfs portion of: /home/ps-support/Downloads/openwrt-15.05-ar71xx-generic-om2p-squashfs-factory.bin (4609 blocks) ... 
[ac:86:74:13:65:c8]: OM2P router: image successfully transmitted - writing image to flash ... 
[ac:86:74:13:65:c8]: OM2P router: flash complete. Device ready to unplug

5 - Then go ahead and  add your box into your CT dashboard as a CT box.