Adding a Device to CT

We support lots of different devices, some need you to install the firmware like Unifi's and others will work with an API (Ruckus vSZ).

There are two ways to add your box.

1. Discovery Tool

2. Manually using its MAC address

Adding a Box

Head to your location's device page and click on the blue cross icon near the top right.

You will then get two options:

  • Discover my Devices
    This option runs a scan on the network that your computer is currently connected to, in order to locate any devices running CT firmware.
    Once the scan is complete you will have the option to add any discovered devices to your location.
  • Enter MAC Address
    This option allows you to manually enter the MAC address for the device you want to add to your location.

My Box Won't Install

If you can't get your box to install, there's usually a good reason:

  • It's not plugged in or connected to the Internet. 
  • You've added the wrong mac. Please read this guide to find out where your mac is.
  • You've not installed the firmware correctly. 

It only takes a few seconds to install, if it's not online after 60 seconds, please make sure you've checked the points above.

Where's the mac address?

The mac address is usually printed on the underside of the access point. Some manufacturers don't include the correct one. Please follow this guide for more information: