Setting up Social Wi-Fi Access

There are five types of login method to choose from - Social is one of them.

Once your Social login is set up it will look like this.

To set up social access, follow these steps:

Head into your location in the dashboard and click on Splash.
Click on the action button to the right of the splash page you want to set to social logins and select Edit.
Change the access type to Social, and configure your social login options in the new card that appears.
Note: You may need to run a resync on your devices to ensure that they got the social walled gardens they need to function.

Social Email Capture

Emails captured via social logins will be automatically added to the newsletter list associated with your splash page.

Facebook Checkins

If you want the users to leave a message on your page, you should enable this in your social settings for Facebook.

Change the 'Allow Checkin' switch to enabled. Make sure you enter your page ID.

You can enter a default message. However, Facebook's terms require you to allow the user to edit this message. It is not possible to force this message, or force any page likes etc. Like gating is forbidden in recent versions of their API.