Installing SocketMan on LEDE

We always recommend using the latest stable release, which at this point in time is  LEDE 17.01

Prerequirements : 

a) A LEDE device.

b) The device needs to have a working internet connection.

c) Enough space on the device to install the packages and dependencies - 8 MB will do.

d) You need to make sure the device can communicate with the LEDE package repository

Installation :

1) Connect to your device via SSH.

In case you haven't changed any networks settings, the IP should be and it can only be accessible while connected to one of the LAN ports or the SSID.

2) Update your package list.

opkg update

3) Install curl

opkg install curl

4) Install SocketMan

curl -k | ash

5) Make sure Socketman is running.

ps | grep socketman

6) Add the device to your CT Location

If you are not familiar with the process, you can find more details  Here

You are all set!


If you find that your device is not initialising, it might be because the board profile is not added to our database.

In this case, contact support via the dashboard and someone will get in touch :)